Tamil Happy Pongal 2020 Messages and SMS

Udal Kalaipu
Udaluku Mattum
Manadhirku Endrum
Thevai Inippu
Ahdai Inaippadu
Thaan Pongalin Sirappu
Iniya Pongal Nalvazhthukal
Happy Pongal


Udal kalaipu udaluku mattum
Mandirku endrum thevai inipu
Adai inaipadu thaan pongalin sirapu
Iniya pongal nalvazhthukal
Iniya pongal nalvazhthukal

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En vaitrukaga….
yer pidithu thalaikothi
Viyarvaiyai vithakki
Uzhaipai uramakiya
uzhavanukaga ulamara
pongal nalvazhthukal


Aayiram aayiram pandigaigal
angum engum vanthu pogum
thamizhanukor thanimagudam
tamil puthu naal vazhthukal


Vidikindra pozhuthu
engum karumbai
enikattum entha
thai thirunal muthal
iniya pongal nalvazhthukal

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Nam veevasaigalum veelai selvangalum
Sezhipudan endrum nirainthuruka
nam vazhvu sezhika anaivarukum
Eniya pongal nalvazhthukal


Vazhkai valam pera
vazhthi padum
vanthu seratum
ungal vaasal
kathavu thatidavey…

pongal vazhthukal..

On this auspicious day of Pongal I wish you to have all peace and prosperity,
Let this festival brings endless happiness to you and your family,
Wish you Happy Pongal!

Intelligence, happiness, success, purity, good resulted works, let all these be yours in your life,
Let this Pongal brings abundant joy to your life,
Happy Pongal!

Let unity be there in your family,
Let peace fills among your mind,
Let everything be yours from this day,
Wish you Happy Pongal!

Wishing you all wealth, health and good luck on this special day of pongal,
Wish you a very Happy Pongal!

Let happiness be filled in your life as sun fills its light over the world,
Happy pongal!


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